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After-sales Service
After-sales Service Measures

After-sales Service

After-sales Service Measures

After-sales Service Measures

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(1)、After-sales Service Organization Chart
(2)、After-Sales Service
1、The company set up a after-sales service system under the leadership of the general manager and authorizes persons in charge of quality to carry out the full work.The persons in charge of quality takes full responsibility for the after-sales service quality and lead after sales service and quality management work.The marketing department is responsible for organizing and coordinating after-sales service personnel,seriously fulfill the duty of service quality.Our company has offices in Beijing,Shanghai and Taiyuan.There are 12 after-sales service people who all have a wealth of experience and excellent technology.They’re all familiar with the performance,structure and characteristics of the product and they have strong analytical and problem-solving skill.
2、Each batch of products being sold,the marketing department will call the clients to inquiry product quality status and get the information of the product quality timely.If the clients have problem with the product quality,we will put forward disposal idea within 24 hours after receiving the objection.Product quality problems and treatment results will be archived.
3、General manager will irregularly organize the quality department,marketing department and other relevant personnel to the clients’to pay a return visit with an open mind to listen to the customer's comments and suggestions on my company's products.At the end of the year,the customer satisfaction survey will be made to collect the evaluation and suggestion on the company's quality,delivery time and so on.The marketing department will summarize and analyze survey result and keep continuous improvement to enhance customers’satisfaction.
4、My company adheres to the principle"quality first,customer satisfaction",and strict internal management.From raw materials to finished products,they are all in strict accordance with the provisions of the quality system files.Full-time inspectors will control product quality strictly.
(3)、Flow Chart of after-sales service

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