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The quality control
Quality management and control

The quality control

Quality management and control

Quality management and control

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During raw materials, manufacturing, inspection and delivery process, all norms are strictly abided by and process control will be well carried out. All reports will be issued timely to do analysis.
We have devoted a great deal of effort to the process control and management practices in accordance with traceability and consistency of quality will be continually implemented.
HaokunIn-house control quality inspection:
 Spectrometer Detection and Analysis of Chemical Elements
 Metallographic Analysis
 Mechanical Property Testing(Hardness、Tensile Strength、Yield Strength、Elongation、Reduction of Area、Charpy-Impact)
 Portable Direct Reading Spectrometer
 Macro Erosion Test
 Intergranular Corrosion Test
 Penetration Test
 Magnetic-particle Inspection
 Size Inspection
Visual check
We’ll do special tests as per clients’ demand and accept the third party inspection actively.

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