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Shanxi Haokun Flanges Group Co.,Ltd, was established in 2001, specialized in flanges and forgings with carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. Haokun has total production line with forging process, heat treatment, CNC machining and complete laboratory testing. All manufacture landed on an area of 125 acres with workshop area of 53 acres and 238 industrious staff work here for quality flanges. 
Every year, the 20,000 tons of forged flanges and 10,000 tons of rolled rings are manufactured under the ISO9001 approved factory with integrated process, especially keep engineers for the forging process, heat treatment, surface treatment and CNC machining. Haokun not only produce the standard flanges, but also specialized in customers’ special request for size and material.
The quality control management need the persistent improvement and the right people work hard to build up system to look after quality for each detail. Since 2003 year, Haokun focus on the quality control and get the quality approved as follows,
Along with quality win reputation from customers, we got the supply to CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation) and Sinopec. Now Haokun’s flanges expanded to supply for the oil and gas field, industrial field, building, pump and valve etc.
All the achievement rely on the industrious staff and Haokun takes care of work environment to improve the health, society and efficiency, so we take the certificates to improve the management as follows,
Haokun’s competitive advantage is from our trained staff and our loyal partnership with customers. We cherish this top and hope this brief introduction can help you to know us. For further knowing us, welcome to contact us for the details.

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